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Get into Golf

Get Into GolfThe campaign is run by the England Golf Partnership and brings together England Golf and the PGA. It works to grow the game with the support of Sport England, National Lottery funding.

Get into golf provides a platform for golf clubs to promote their activities through a national marketing campaign, and the framework and local support for development at golf clubs.

The campaign offers products that allow people to choose how they would like to get started. The following products can be advertised on the Get into golf activity finder:

  • Taster sessions/Open days
  • Beginner course
  • Improver course
  • Get back into golf
  • Learn golf in a day

Get into golf provides case studies, best practise examples and fact sheets containing information on recruitment and retention.

For more information please visit –

National Marketing Campaign

Get into golf is backed by a national marketing campaign and all communication points to the websites activity finder, online booking function and information.

  • Digital advertising – targeted and measurable advertising
  • Social media – connecting the right people with the right messages
  • Promotional material – catalogue of items with national branding
  • National Partnership Organisations – extending the reach of the campaign



    • BBC Sport Get Inspired
    • 02 Priority Moments
    • John Lewis Partnership




Get into Golf Club Offer – £500


Funding can be used for:

  • Get Into Golf Marketing Materials.
  • Social media advertising.
  • PGA collection Equipment.
  • CPD workshops for PGA pro’s
  • PGA Volunteer Courses.


    To access funding:

  • Run regular Get Into Golf session’s throughout the playing season.
  • Upload Get Into Golf sessions on to the Get into Golf website activity finder via England Golf Clubhouse.
  • Return participant registers.


    Participant register Bonus – £100

  • Receive £2 per person up to a maximum of £100 upon:
  • Completing BB&O participant register template.
  • Returning participation registers following Get Into Golf Sessions.


For more information please Dean Newbold –


    Feel Inspired Offer

    GolferBerkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Golf Development Group have made a commitment to increasing the number golfers with physical, visual, hearing and learning impairments.

    These golfers are crucial to the growth of the sport. Across the country, thousands of disabled people are being given the opportunity to maximise their potential, mainly through the dedication and commitment of our golf clubs. Figures from the latest Active People Survey show that over 82,000 people with a disability are participating in golf within England at least once a week.

    We plan to help golf clubs engage with special educational needs children through funding, training, resources and more via the offer outlined below:

    Volunteer Support

    Alan Leason a volunteer from Sand Martins Golf Club has spearheaded the way when it comes to working with disabled participants and his wealth of knowledge and commitment are of a huge benefit to any club who would like to work with special educational needs children. Alan’s support to any golf club that would like to come on board are listed below;


    Delivery Plan

    Outreach Work

    Club Delivery


    Funding – based on one coach delivering – £570.00


    For more information, please contact Jason Sorrell, Golf Foundation Regional Development Officer.

    • Liaison with schools and community groups
    • Share best practice
    • Inform clubs of any relevant protocols
    • Administration support when contacting parents for follow on opportunities
    • 3 schools within your local area will be targeted
    • Each school will receive 2 hours of taster/have ago sessions
    • The sessions will be used to identify keen participants who would like to continue learning the game in a club environment
    • 6 weeks of Academy sessions will be delivered at the golf club/facility at a weekend for those identified during the school sessions
    • Affordable follow on opportunities will be advertised to parents to further encourage the sustainability of participants
    • Golf clubs to look at scholarships to encourage through put to membership
    • Targeting 3 schools and delivering 2 hours of taster sessions per school
    • 6 weeks academy sessions
    • Equipment, balls and prizes