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lady-golferWomen’s golf has come a long way in recent years and it is about time WE told people.

Inspired by Sport England’s campaign #ThisGirlCan our campaign #ThisGirlGolfs aims to breakthrough stereotypes and show the wider world that golf is a game for all, accessible to all and within reach of any budget.

It can be played almost anywhere in some form, can cost as little or as much as you like, and can be played whether you are 8 or 80.

Golf keeps your body and mind active, it is social before and after, you get to look great whilst doing it, you can compete if you want to, you can play with your family, you can measure your progress with the unique handicap system, and it is the only sport we know of that you can enjoy whilst not being any good!


BB&O Women’s GIG Pilot


Growing women’s participation & membership at your club

England Golf would like to invite you to be involved in a pilot programme which is focused on growing women’s participation and membership. This pilot forms part of the wider Get into golf programme and will be targeting women predominately aged 35-55 by engaging with their specific values to inspire them to become lifelong players and members of the game. Clubs who are part of this pilot will be supported with their delivery based on insight and good practice around what women want to help shape their club offer and environment.

Female participation in golf currently stands at 13% and membership 15% and therefore women are a potential growth area for the game and your club. This pilot will provide your club with an ideal opportunity to raise its profile within the local community and promote itself as a welcoming female environment.


What are the benefits to being involved in the women’s Get into golf pilot?

  • 1 to 1 support from the England Golf team (County Development Officer) to develop a delivery plan to grow women’s participation and membership at your club.
  • Support with targeting and engaging with local women’s groups and businesses to promote your offers to.
  • Women’s specific resources including the latest research, case studies and factsheets supporting 10 core areas relating to the women’s golf covering recruitment, retention, club environment, playing opportunities and much more.
  • Marketing support including editable posters incorporating Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign to help promote your activities and offers. As well as national access to and promotion through the Get into golf website.
  • Potential to increase revenue streams across all areas of the golf facility i.e. coaching and catering etc.
  • Help to break down barriers to participation, making your club become more accessible through the provision of appropriate offers and opportunities.


What does your club need to do?

As part of the project your club will be asked to adhere to the following aspects which formulate part of the delivery plan and where possible to be as flexible as possible in your approach:

  • Deliver women only and/or mixed group Get into golf sessions at flexible times throughout the week, weekend and evenings to suit the needs of the targeted group. All sessions must be uploaded to the Get into golf website and utilise the marketing collateral provided to promote sessions.
  • Recruit a volunteer buddy to support the women’s integration into the club. Role descriptions and guidance will be provided. This role may already be in place.
  • To implement a pathway to membership which incorporates coaching and playing opportunities with a form of trial membership for women to progress onto.
  • Where possible, provide women with a playing opportunity i.e. access to a par 3 or willingness to put in forward tees with the support of England Golf.
  • Add information to your club’s website for women to access – England Golf will provide guidance and content.
  • Have a range of flexible membership opportunities available at the club.
  • To provide baseline data at the beginning of the project and complete feedback surveys when requested to gauge participant feedback and share learnings.
  • Register on England Golf Clubhouse to receive important updates.


This program will begin in June 2015 and will run for a period of 18 months with sessions being delivered throughout the year as appropriate.